TokyoTreat Japanese Candy Unboxing (Sponsored Review) – July 2015

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Hello everyone! I recently received a Premium subscription box from TokyoTreat. This has definitely the most fun I’ve had doing a review! Since there were so many snacks, I’ll be doing detailed reviews of each one on separate posts!
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This is all the contents of the box! I recommend subscribing to the Premium box, rather than the small. Comparatively, you will receive around twice the amount of snacks for less than the price of two small boxes!

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The box came with a catalogue  that shows all the different snacks this month for all box types, and some descriptions. Great for reference!

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This particular box contains a ton of summer themed snacks~

revvv 172_副本First thing I tried was the summer limited edition Coconut Pocky! They were really good, and I usually don’t like Pocky. Definitely one of those unique Pocky flavours you can only get in Japan.

revvv 205_副本

Chocobi cookies! A great treat for all the Shin Chan fans~

revvv 230_副本

A fun mix between Starburst and Ramune~

revvv 226_副本

This one was an odd one for me! Cola has always been a weird flavour for me, and having it in an extra sweet, jelly form was (pleasant?) surprise!

revvv 188_副本

Probably the best vinegar chips I’ve ever had! They were incredibly flavourful, much more than the western chips I’m used to.

revvv 195_副本

I’ve always wanted to try this! It’s a candy that makes your own DIY grape vine. Should I post a video?

revvv 178_副本

These chocolate sea creature cookies sort of look like burnt seafood barbeque! With 47 possible types of shapes, you’re sure to never have the same one twice. This was one of my more interesting taste testing…

revvv 228_副本

Fortune bubblegum! I’m a bit rusty when it comes to reading kanji, so uploading the review for this might take a while! I’ll be going around and using my friends as fortune guinea pigs hehe.

revvv 202_副本Tahato Caramel Corn has been a long time snack for me, but I’ve never gotten the Tanabata Festival version! This one contains special wishing stars.

revvv 200_副本Spicy Ramune?! I’m a bit scared of this one to be completely honest…

revvv 218_副本

Great thing about the Premium TokyoTreat box is that it contains two DIY kits! This one is a sweet bread cake kit 🙂

revvv 190_副本I’m a HUGE fan of Lotte snacks! They always have wonderful sweet treats, and very interesting flavours. I never had a blueberry cheesecake pastry puff!

revvv 223_副本Anpanman! I remember watching this show on TV Japan, I sort of wish this was a bread snack instead of a gummy candy though haha.tumblr_lvm0d9537R1r7y61oo1_250Thank you so much for reading, make sure to check out TokyoTreat and subscribe!


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