Shopping Haul: LuxCups at Comicpalooza


While at Comicpalooza, I found the most interesting booth that sold the creepiest/cutest accessories! If you’ve read my last post, I recently conducted an interview with Libby of LuxCups. They are most known for their handmade faux taxidermy jewelry and accessories! I just had to buy a few~

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Do you like them? I do! I chose these specifically, because of all the pinks. Did you notice how each one is unique, right down to the frame?

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They’re 3D! Well, technically 4D?


I feel like she’s the older, fancier sister of the other doe accessory! Look at the pearl necklace.

美图图库2Now featuring, the younger sister! She’s a bit more colorful versus her sister. I love the springtime colors, it’s inspiring to create more pastel outfits~

Funny thing with this broach is that she was made the night before I bought her! I saw her posted on their instagram, and just had to rush over to their booth that following morning.

My favourite part are the rhinestones!


Thanks for reading everyone! Please check out LuxCups, and all their adorable products. If you are a Houston local, make sure to check their Facebook for updates, they usually attend a lot of pop up shops and soon, conventions! They can also make custom pieces for you, which I’m totally going to go for soon.

Have a great night everybody~


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