Sakura-Con Part 3: Blue C Sushi

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Part 3 of my Sakura-con/Seattle Adventure. On this post, I want to highlight the restaurant that I spent my entire week splurging in, Blue C Sushi! 
Blue C Sushi is a sushi train restaurant with many locations along the west coast. What makes them different from other sushi trains is their style! They had such a great atmosphere, and really nice wait staff. Here are a few pictures of colorful and fun restaurant~
Sorry for the slightly lower quality photos, the lighting was a bit dim!
One thing I wanted to highlight was the waitstaff! They were all very sweet, and really energetic!
I was here during Sakura-con weekend, so the waitstaff were all in cosplay! They looked so cute~

Now introducing, the food~!

Along with the well-known suhi and sushi rolls, they also had a lot of special Blue C Sushi specialties! I wish I could’ve taken more pictures of the food, but I was with company and we were all so hungry haha!
They even had their desserts on the train! They were pretty good, I ordered an off-the-train menu item. I can’t remember the name, but it was some sort of tempura fried brownie in ice cream (how good does that sound?).
I’m getting hungry just remembering this place! I’ll be sure to come back again next time I’m in Seattle~
Bonus! They have a tiny little table that has a “Build-Your-Own-Take-Out” section! How clever it that? I was way too stuffed to even think about take out, but I think it’s such a great idea~
Now for my favourite part, the decor!
I asked the one of the servers, and she said that they were done by a local artist. It was traditional Japanese pop-culture with the a street style feel~
Took me a bit to realize this was an art piece haha, but look how cool it is? Whenever I watch anime, I always wonder how their vending machine drinks would taste like (especially all the coffees, it’s like an iconic anime drink!)
They also had a collection of these cute Japanese Fashion girl paintings!
This one represents the Japanese school uniform fashion, it isn’t just limited to seifukus~
I’m actually not sure what this style is! It could possibly be fairy kei, but who knows, it’s adorable either way~
Cutie decora! And also loved all the little Japanese culture/pop-culture items they sprinkle around the restaurant!
Speaking of randomly sprinkled in items, I found a Domo doll on the light fixture!
I wonder if it’s ever fallen…
Here is the last cutie, a “gothic loita” inspired outfit!

Along with those cute fashion girls, they also had a set of detailed paintings that are super reminiscent to Martin Handford’s art style (the writer and illustrator of Where’s Wally/Waldo).
Instead of Wally/Waldo, they feature different well-known Japanese pop-culture characters in stereotypical Japanese streets that personally remind me of the locations from Tekkonkinkreet.

Do you see what I meant by all the pop-culture references? Remember, these were custom made for Blue C Sushi! I really want to find out who the artist is…

Bonus: Over-head Projector Screencaps!
Another thing that Blue C Sushi has is this super cool projector! It shows lengthy clips of Japan and its people just living their lives. I couldn’t take a video of it all, but have some of my favourite moments~
In all honesty, I only took pictures when I saw lolitas on screen!
Cute old-school lolitas!
Old-scool punk and gothic lolitas~

More old-school cuties! Makes me really want to try out old school~
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys come and visit this adorable restaurant. 
Make sure to ask for the server, “Karen”, she was super nice!
Have a great week everybody!

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