Sakura-con Part 2: Artist Alley Favourites

Hey guys and welcome to the Part 2 of my Sakura-con adventures!
I spent almost all my money on artists, this is my first con not spending it all on businesses and vendors. I’ve began to really appreciate the work behind the merchandise that small artists, indie designer, and artisans. I found a few artist that really caught my attention during my Sakura-con weekend. Have a fun read~
I asked every single artist for permission before I took any pictures of their booths. Remember, respect artists!



The first Artist Alley artist I noticed is Sugar Star Candies!
How cute is their booth? It was definitely one of the most “kawaii” booths, I loved how everything was fluffy and pastel, it made me smile~
Perfect for Fairy Kei!


Some of their most memorable merch was their pastel tails, fabric bows, rosettes and snap bracelets! Lots of star motifs, if it isn’t already obvious haha!
I actually bought one of their snap bracelets, and I love it! I really reminded me of my childhood, snap bracelets were super in-style in the 90’s.
They also gave me two free buttons! I actually bought a pack of sugar stars after this haha, this shop really wanted me to experiment with fairy kei!



Next artist I stumbled upon is QTMilk and MILKINK! I was drawn to both their amazing banner, and how pink they were. Loved it!
Here is better picture of their whole booth. I loved how the banner included so many of their designs, it was the banner I most remembered.
They seem to also release many NSFW prints as well, as you can see on the left wall. I saw so many people walking around with that semi-NSFW Princess Bubblegum print~
(And look how adorable the owners are! How cute is  that pink hair?!)


I thought this little booklet was interesting. It’s called LOTUS, and it is a mini-book created by QTMilk. The text inside was all Japanese kanji!  The pre-order for this mini-book is all sold out, but here is their BigCartel, make sure to check it out.


I loved the art style so much! Very smooth and clean, I wish I got a print!
Make sure to like their page to stay updated with their book, and more of their amazing prints~
The next artist I stumbled up became one of my new favourite artists!
Meet AppleAtti~
AppleAtti is the creator of Farmland Monsters.
Farmland Monsters are the adorably nasty monster creations of AppleAtti. Check out the tumblr for AppleAtti’s monster encyclopedia! All the monsters live in a place called The Farmlands:
The Farmlands are a group of continents floating in the flooded brainpan of a decapitated space giant named Yaia. The Farmlands are home to many thriving ecosystems of monsters, plants, and cultures.”
How cool is this project?


What drew me the most to this booth is the art style. It was both grotesque, but adorable! I regret not buying the catalogue or the horoscope zine!


These stickers were so fun! There were a ton of people checking out these little guys (as you can see from the phantom hand haha~)


I loved the Farmland Monster x Pokemon! I know the Venasaur is supposed to look gross, but I think it looks cuter than ever (>//w//<)


They also did Pokemon commissions! I hope to see them again next year, maybe I’ll get my favourite party done~
I am currently interviewing AppleAtti for one of my Artist Alley Appreciation articles! Please stay tuned and learn more behind the artist of The Farmland Monsters.
The interview will be published at April 22nd, 9pm Central!


Say hello to Channel Square!


I loved the dessert themed prints! The Mako-Chan Power Makeup and Marie Antoinette  were my favourites, and are currently on my wishlist.


Look at that detail! It’s a fun overall print, I can’t wait to own it soon~


One of the few artists I managed I buy a print from, Rhodoko!
The colouring style was mesmerizing, I fell in love instantly~


Along with the colouring style, the sketching technique they use also intrigued me. I wish I could’ve take closeups of the post cards, they were so beautiful!



Sadly, I didn’t have a chance too speak to the artist, I was really curious about these booklets! They had amazing illustrations inside, make sure to check out Rhodoko’s website!
Closeup of one of the booklets. I love the waterclouring, it really adds to the theme of the booklet!
Here is the print I bought! I loved all the dessert themes in this, from the strawberry ears to the layered birthday cake coat! One of the first prints I’ve ever bought <3


Last, but not least (and is also technically a vendor haha), Tasty Peach Studios!


I always see their booth around conventions, but I never really shopped from them before!
They had the cutest tops, I bought 4 haha~
They recently started selling wigs, I’m definitely going to buy one soon, maybe even do a review?


Here are a few of their plushies, they have many more on their website and release new designs regularly!


TPS have so many different types of merch! The tops and plushies are my favourite, but their jewelry and bags are also a must check out.
I hope you enjoyed reading! Make sure to check out the artists so you can keep updated on their future release and news~
This concludes my Sakura-Con Part 2, see you guys soon! My next part will be (insert drum-roll here)… Blue C Sushi! It’s this fun and funky sushi train restaurant. It’s odd to include it as part of my con weekend post, but it was a very memorable place (considering I ate their 3x haha).
Have a great week!




~Lapin Chocolat


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