Sakura-Con 2015 Part 1: Haul

Hey everyone! I was up in the Washington area last week, attending Sakura-Con. I’ve never been more exhausted after a convention, but it was one of the most memorable weekends ever!
I have a TON of photos and saw a bunch of amazing artists in the vendor booth and artist alley, so I’m going to be breaking down my weekend in a few parts, just so everyone receives their proper spotlights!
Let’s start of with my favourite post-con photos, the haul!

The Haul:

Well, this is everything! I mostly worked that weekend, and spent about half my money on Blue C Sushi (this funky and adorable sushi train restaurant in downtown Seattle, more about them in another part). This is my first con actually buying prints and shirts, I usually only buy lolita or jewelry. I’m going to start focusing on my food kei interests more now with the addition my new adorable food shirts by Tasty Peach Studios!

Bling Up:

I spent most of my money here at Bling Up (as I do at almost every con they’re at haha). They had so many new designs to show the Sakura-Con attendees (sadly, they don’t allow photos of the booth), and I managed to snag a few of my favourites! I actually also got a pair of nails, but I’ll be doing a separate review for those! I was lucky enough to own a pair from a year or so ago (review here), so I’ll be doing an “updated” review, since the quality has gone up quite a bit. 
Bling Up! They specialize in handmade nail art, but they also do jewelry and decoden accessories (they can deco almost anything!). Along with the main artist of Bling Up, they also work with several artists in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) or Korea. Each artist has her own specialty! Unlike other decoden companies who are factory made, all their nail art and cabochons are 100% handmade! 
Like their nails, every sweet decoden is handmade and high quality. They’re more than just a decoden company, they’re a brand! Sadly, they only have some of their nail art on their website (they can of course make custom orders), so make sure to check them out during cons!
A close-up of the sweet decoden headband! It’s the cutest out of all my Bling Up headbands, because it gives you cute buns! It’s sitting on top of a new wig I bought from Arda (good thing they were at Sakura-con too, I’ve always wanted to try their wigs). The lace is soft and not itchy in the slightest, and the sweets look good enough to eat. Did I mention it is made with real pearls? 
Another headband I bought! The glittering chiffon was soft to the touch, and featured two mint green cream cookies! The strawberry tart was what got me to fall in love with it, I actually bought strawberry cheesecake after I picked it out since it made me so hungry for something sweet. I got it to match my other strawberry coords!

I own two of their watches already, and I love them! The watch bases are from Japan and are waterproof. Bling Up hand-makes all the 3D decoden you see inside, which means each watch is unique.
I’m pretty sure it’s obvious why I got this watch haha. 
It fits with food kei aesthetic, and my chocolate aesthetic perfectly!

Necklace time! They has SO many new designs so it was really hard to choose, but I decided three that were both subtle, but can still stand out with the rest of my food kei accessories~
Their newest jewelry release! Bling Up released their gold, silver, rose gold and tri-plated jewelry. As I mentioned before, they don’t allow pictures, but I did have enough to purchase the gold plated macaron necklace. This is my first time purchasing such a high quality necklace, I’m excited to wear it out. 
This was my most surprising purchase, I never usually buy fruit jewelry (or at least ones that are more fruit rather than pastry). It really doesn’t match any of my current clothes, but it really reminds me of Dreaming Macaron by Angelic Pretty, which is a wishlist print of mine!
I’m a sucker for cutlery motifs! The necklace is so cute, and really got me wanting tres leches cake. 
The fruit decoden of this piece is impeccable. The blueberries are so realistic, and the strawberries are very detailed. That’s what I love about Bling Up sweet decoden, they make people wonder if you’re really wearing food!
I first this was a cronut (croissant-donut), but it turned out to be those butter cookies is sewing cans (You guys know what I mean! Those big tin cans you can find around the house, but are never ever filled with cookies, just always with sewing equipment!).

The Art of the Cards:

Here is my haul of art prints (well I was only able to buy two really haha) and business cards! There will be a few artists and shopps I will be highlighting on later posts about Sakura-con, so make sure to check back soon!
My first ever art prints! The sweet vampire is by Hannako Lambert, and the impaled fruit is by K.R. Mayer~
I appreciate the detail of this print. I loved the strawberry bat ears and the cake dress, they really tied in well with the birthday candle background~
This reminded me of Vlad the Impaler (a little gruesome, sorry!). He was well known for putting his prisoner’s/victim’s heads on stakes. The strawberry actually had some berry juice dripping down the, which reminded me of blood…

Tasty Peach Studios and Sugar Star Candies:

T-shirt time! I got all the food T-shirts that Tasty Peach Studios had to offer at Sakura-con. I am mostly a daily lolita, but food kei has really caught most of my focus. In the middle of all the T-shirts is my Sugar Star Candies snap bracelet, it really made me feel nostalgic haha.
How cute is this bunny doughnut shirt? I wore it out during Easter that weekend (as pajamas though, I had a chocolate rabbit coord prepared!)
Ice Cream Narwhals! I found that the art style of this to bad a tad different from the rest, but it had cute sweet narwhals so of course I could resist.

Ramen cat is adorable, I really can’t be mad haha. This is my favourite out of all the shirts that I bought that weekend 🙂

I internally squealed when I saw this! Tofu is one of my favourite foods while bunnies are one of my favourite animals~
Sugar Star Candies included two free adorable buttons with my purchase, one being one of their logos and the other being actual sugar star candies (you might have seen them before if you’ve ever watched Spirited Away, they where the soot sprite food!)
And since I bought so many, Tasty Peach Studios included not just one, but a whole set of pins!
Love these so much! I’ll be sure to wear them with a few coords~
I’ve never really been into animal characters, but the Konekoyo characters were so precious. I personally like the yellow character~
The Sugar Star Candies snap bracelet! This was the first thing I bought at the convention, I’m so happy with it!
Part 1 finished! I hope you guys check out the shops and artists, they’re all so talented, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again. 
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, stay tuned to other Sakura-con adventures~
~Lapin Chocolat

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