Pure Smile: Green Tea Essence Mask Review

Hey ya’ll! This blogging every Saturday while my face masks sets is working pretty good so far huh? Anyways, time for another review featuring Pure Smile. So far so good!

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Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone, Sensitive
I am VERY oily. Even with oil-free products, setting powder and setting spray my face will still get oily after the 2 hour mark. The acne and sensitivity play hand in hand. Whenever my boyfriend accidentally touches my face, I guarantee that there will be a pimple the next day. Although, I also constantly get pimples just through hormonal means. My skin is bad, let’s just leave it at that.

Cleanser Used Before Mask: LUSH – Honey I Washed The Kids soap bar. It’s a very neutral soap that’s perfect to use before face masks. You never want to use any complicated cleansers before masks, makes it hard to determine whether or not the mask by itself works!

About The Product

Before I start, here is some quick information about Pure Smile.

What is PureSmile:  A Japanese skin care brand that manufactures in Korea, and solely sells in Japan previously. It is highly recommended to all Asian females regardless of ages and skin types. Pure Smile Essence Face Masks are highly recommended to all Asian females regardless of ages and skin types. It is suggested to be used for 3 ~ 4 times a week, to gives skin high moisturize level and keep skin smoothness and elasticity. Pure Smile’s instant whitening and brightening effect after applied on face for 15 ~ 20 minutes would surprise all the ladies. Description from Imomoko.

What Is This Supposed To Do: Moisturize and Brightening with Green Tea Extract, Arbutin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Where Did You Buy It: Forever 21! They are going to be around the cash-wrap maze or in their skincare section (depends on each Forever 21).

How Much: $1.90! Considering many Korean face masks that can be purchases through Sephora and Ulta that usually cost $4 or higher, this is a great price.

Ease of Purchase: These are available through many online retailers, but the best part is that they can easily be purchases through Forever 21 both online and in stores. My particular store (The Woodlands Mall, Houston, Texas) carried 5 varieties of their facemasks. Like the description up top said, these used to be only available in Japan.

Packaging: Very cute! One thing I noticed is the English translation that was included. Many of the Ulta and Sephora korean brands don’t include any English instruction or ingredients, so most of the time I’ll be researching through my phone while shopping. This really made it easier.Rating:

Smell: Not what I expected. I expected something of milky matcha smell, but it was more of a Jasmine green tea. Not bad, but the picture was a little misleading.
Sensation:  During the first 5 minutes, it was mostly stinging. Not tingly, but actual stinging that eventually became a small, burning sensation. I was ready to throw in the towel during those first 5 minutes if I were to be honest! During the last 10 minutes, it began to feel tingly and cooling and the burning disappeared. It really freaked me out, but it wasn’t that bad. Definitely something to keep in mind!

Effectiveness: When it comes to brightening and moisturizing, this masks definitely did its job. Like most masks, it has very sticky formula and was meant to absorb into your skin versus washed off.  After the 15 minutes, I squeezed out the leftover serum and massaged it into my skin. I didn’t wash my face until 5 hours later before bed and continued with my normal skin routine. I definitely saw a big improvement in brightening and my skin never felt softer!

Overall: Loved this mask! It’s adorable, affordable, and effective. Bought more from Forever 21 just this Friday!

Thank again for reading, have a great night ya’ll.

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