Mini-haul: New Look Chocolate Clutch Purses



Around winter of 2014, I managed to snag these adorable clutch purses from New Look! You guys know how much I love food fashions~
edit 027_副本

This my favourite of the two that I bought! It’s a chocolate bar clutch! It doesn’t actually hold that much, but it’s the design the counts haha~
edit 028_副本

They created a melting effect using asymmetrical gold details, I thought that it was very creative of them!edit 029_副本The bitten off design was actually what truly drawn me to buying, how clever is that?

edit 024_副本

I LOVED chocolate cons as a kid! They were the best, something about peeling the gold foil was very satisfying haha~
edit 025_副本

I thought it was a bit funny that it looks like someone bit directly through the foil though!

New Look ads a few quirky purses every now and then, make sure to check them out!


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