Lorina Liddell and Pastel Parade Review

I recently bought a beautiful chocolate headdress by Pastel Parade via Lorina Liddell.
Lorina Liddell is a “Online boutique for all the lover of Classic, Sweet and Gothic Lolita fashion.
Offering many quality Japanese brands with worldwide shipping from Japan!”. They have English speaking staff which made it really easy to communicate.
Pastel Parade is a newly arrived brand to Lorina Liddell. They’re an indie brand that specializes on food themed accessories (which I like to call “food kei) that’s been featured on Gothic & Lolita Bible vol.44, 46, 47, and 50. I’ve been admiring them for a while, so I’m happy to finally be able to own something by them!
Let’s get the review started!
We’ll first start with Lorina Liddell (packaging and shipping), then Pastel Parade.


My packaging was just adorable, It was decorated with a doily and cute white and red string in a brown paper envelope. The design gave a real vintage feel. The way it was packaged really made it memorable, which I can appreciate.


The box which contained the headdress was wrapped around bubble wrap. The box itself came in pretty bent, the headdress came undamaged. It was shipped about 5 days after purchase via EMS, so it arrived about 3 business days later. 


This is one of the most unique pieces I own! This headdress also comes in a strawberry chocolate x lavender and white chocolate x gold, each one having its own unique quirks.
I’ve always had an issue with the name being branded all over the product, but Pastel Parade is very subtle!



I was very conflicted about the quality.
The Bad:  If you look above, some areas in the chocolate bar area are very bumpy and bubbly. Also, some of the chocolate cream deco did have some stray fur/hair/fuzz on them. There’s also one layer of glitter raschel lace (rashcel lace is a big no-no for me). Lastly, the headband itself is very stiff, which gives it a higher chance of being broken, and is also fairly heavy for anyone not used to OTT headpieces.
The Good: The headband is very sturdy. I packed it in my check-in suitcase (with two layers of thin bubble wrap) and it came out just fine. There’s two layers of soft, high-quality lace (there’s nothing I love more than good lace). Since the soft lace is on the outermost layer, it actually helped with the comfort.  
Here is a shot of the underside of the headpiece. The fabric used is pretty soft and not uncomfortable at all. I wore the headband for a recent coord, and the alligator clips held up and stuck to my wig pretty well. Just be careful storing this piece, I recommend storing this in a cool dry place (not sure how the chocolate deco will stand up to a warmer temperature).
Lorina Liddell Overall Rating:   
Pastel Parade Overall Rating:  
I hope you guys found this useful! I’ll definitely be buying more Pastel Parade pieces via Lorina Liddell. After checking out the Pastel Parade website, it seems that every piece is unique in their own way, so if there is one you truly want, make sure to grab it fast. Have a great week y’all!




~Lapin Chocolat

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