Lockshop B-Choice Wig Review


Today I received my first B-Choice wig from lockshopwigs​, “B Choice Sweet Lolita Brown & Pink Gradient Short Curly Wig”.

It was bought from Chokelate’s Closet on Storenvy. They are sold for a special discounted price, and she will also donate $5 per sold wig to a charity!
What is a B choice wig you ask? From the Storenvy website: ‘B Choice means that the wig isn’t the quality is should be. It can either mean that in the production something simple as the wrong mix of colors has happened, or it has flaws. What can the flaws be? It depends on each wig, sometimes they are small and fixable with heat styling. Sometimes it’s a bit bigger than that. Sometimes it can happen that if you buy a B Choice wig, you receive a wig without any problems! It’s a bit a gamble”.
Let’s get the review started!


Even though it was a B choice, it was still treated and shipped just like regular Lockshop wigs! Love their custom packaging stickers ^^
This wig is treated with the same with the same amount of care as any Lockshop wig!
Rating: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Here is what you guys have been waiting for! I tried to stay unbiased as possible since I adore Lockshop so much. Let’s go to good news to bad news.
Good news – The fibers are just as soft as regular wigs! 
A close up of the wig fibers
And light test! Indoor lighting, natural lighting, and with flash! As you can see, it’s very close to the stock photo colors in the natural lighting.
Now, the bad news…
There are two main flaws that I found. One is minuscule while the other is very disappointing. Let’s go small to big!
I found a thread from the wig cap, I can easily cut it off of course so this one was no big deal!
Aaaaaannnd the big one, the noticeable thin spot. I tried covering it up, but since it’s at the top, the fiber nearby couldn’t be used much to cover up the bald spot.
It’s most noticable from a top view. With some styling and maybe even some rearranging of some wefts, you should be able to hide the bald spot.
Overall Rating:
Considering the price ($25 + $10 shipping), I think I got what I paid for. I will buy another unique B wig again if I love the style, but if I can have the Lockshop approved version, I would shell out the money without hesitation. If you are good at styling, it won’t be a very big deal. It’s super cute though, isn’t it? Like they explained, it will be different for everyone. It’s for charity anyways, if you really want one you should try one out! Keep in mind that it is a bit of a gamble. Good luck guys!
~Lapin Chocolat

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