Kawaii Box June 2015 – Sponsered Review


Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive, I’ve been working so much recently. Anyways, I was lucky enough to receive a Kawaii Box to review!cvbnm 009 I applaud them for the custom box! I really makes it extra special and memorable~cvbnm 011_副本 They even did custom tissue paper! I have a soft spot for custom packaging.cvbnm 012_副本 Every box comes with a “menu” so you  know exactly what you receive. This is great for any boxes that come with “interesting” items haha~
cvbnm 017_副本

Here is everything! Personally, there are a few hits and misses with this box for me. I’ll first start with the misses, then work my way to the hits!


cvbnm 018_副本

Here is a the Korean nail art set. I’ve personally never been a fan of these types, since I’ve been spoiled so much by Bling Up. It’s not something bad, but definitely not one for me to keep.

cvbnm 021_副本

What a cite mini pill box! This was a miss for me because, even though it is very cute, it’s not really something I would go out an buy. It’s cute, but really nothing special for someone like me.

cvbnm 040_副本

Here is the sushi earphone plug. I found it very cute, but the way the plug is shaped made it difficult to use over long periods of time (it will eventually bend and no longer plug into the headphone jack).


Luckily, there were only two items I didn’t particularly like! The rest of the items were either useful to me, or really memorable~ cvbnm 019_副本This happy poop pencil sharpener is definitely my favourite item. At first I thought it was supposed to be chocolate soft serve…
cvbnm 026_副本 This box also came with two adorable phone charms! I personally am keeping the chocolate dipped strawberry, and I’m thinking of giving the bean to my friend!cvbnm 028_副本 This reminds me of the stationary packs I would get as a kid in the Philippines! Thank you box, I WILL have a good time.cvbnm 029_副本 DIY Candy! I saw a YouTube review of this item a year or so ago, and I’ve always wanted to try it! It turns into like this foamy jelly drink, can’t wait to try it 🙂cvbnm 032_副本 Also received a Hello Kitty mechanical pencils and some cute memo pads! Or, should I say, volume big memo.cvbnm 033_副本 This one was actually my second favourite item! You usually really see cute phone charms nowadays, so I was ecstatic when I saw this alpaca bag charm! It’s pretty sturdy too, and if you are as reckless with your bag as I am, that’s a really important factor haha~ cvbnm 035_副本Last but not least, a sheet of adorable anime pastry puffy stickers~

How did they know how much I love food?


Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this! I recommend Kawaii Box for any gift, everyone can appreciate a cute surprise! I personally won’t be subscribing, but I will not discourage anyone from at least trying it out. Have a great night everyone~


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