JapanFunBox Unboxing – Sponsored Review

Hey everyone! Ya’ll know how much I absolutely love Japanese sweets and treats, so I was ecstatic when JapanFunBox sent a mini box for me to unbox and review! I promise to be as fair and unbiased as possible.

The mini box includes 5-7 items.

The original box includes 15-20 Items, 1 DIY Kit Guaranteed and 1 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …).

And the Family Box includes 25-30 Items, 2 DIY Kit Guaranteed and 2 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …).

Let’s get started!


I’m such a sucker for custom boxes like these, they just make their arrival at your door even more exciting!


The box itself doesn’t have any protective packaging, other than the decorative red paper. Because of the weight and the box itself, you don’t really need protective packaging! IMGP2044_副本

Like many candy subscription boxes, it comes with a fairly elaborate menu that gives you that name, picture, and small description of each treat!

Everything looked so good, I didn’t know what to start with!


It may be a mini box, but there is still a lot in here for 14.99!


Slim Ganko Fried Potatoes – an overall simple yet yummy bag of chips! A lot thicker than many thin potato sticks here in the US. A lot less salty too, which is a plus for someone with a sensitive palate.


Melty Strawberry – Melty is a very famous chocolate and sweets brand in Japan, and I can say that I’m a HUGE fan! this treat offer a crispy chocolatey outside with a smooth and “melty” strawberry cream filling.

Melty always has the most playful and adorable packaging!


Before I could take a picture of the inside, I couldn’t help but eat two. They’re so good, another winner from Melty!


The inside is as good as it looks! I’m hoping to buy more of these in the future.IMGP2060_副本

Whistle Candy: Grape Flavor – Apparently, this is a very popular and common snack in Japan, but a huge nuisance to parents due to the success of the whistle!


They also come with these tiny little toys, which are collectible from what I’ve heard!


I’m not 100% sure what this supposed to be, but it’s still fun to have gotten with these cute and loud little candies!


Ume-pachi – A very very weird sweet, sour, and almost salty candy. I can’t say I enjoyed this candy’s taste, but the Pop Rock’s texture was so fun!


Pizza Potato – Probably the most delicious potato chip I’ve ever eaten. It was like eating the perfect sweet and savory pizza! Calby always now how to bring the most flavor into their chips!


Last but not least, Shuwabo! It’s a very weird taffy like candy with a bubbly powder middle.

The candy is half orange and half lemon, and combined with the middle powder, it tastes almost like coke!

I had a lot of fun tasting all these treats, and I would definitely recommend JapanFunBox! I hope some of ya’ll try this fun and authentic box.


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