Houston Japan Festival 2015

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, I attended the 2015 Houston Japanese Festival! Sorry to that I uploaded them so late, I actually completely forgot about these photos and just managed to stumble upon them today! I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would want, due to the weather (you’ll see all the puddles and mud in the photos).
One thing this festival did not lack was food! Almost all of the booths sold Japanese food. I spent all my money on takoyaki haha~
Stuffed Taiyaki! I never liked taiyaki myself, but I think the stuffed one was so interesting!
Ah yes an order of “Dumlpings”
Funny story time! We actually ordered from the Dumlping place, but we ordered way too much for the booth waiter to keep track of, so he asked us to write on one of the menus. None of my friends nor I had ANY writing utensils, so I asked one of them if they had any eyeliner or lipstick.
When you’re desperate, you use what you can!
 Ordered these super cute riceballs, my friend LOVED them and I absolutely hated them…
I don’t know, maybe I’m a really picky eater when it comes to rice!
I dated someone from the UK and apparently, soysauce rice is an “Asian staple” for them. I tried it out once for dinner and I started gagging! For me, keep rice plain.
 I actually ate 8 servings of these during the two days. Food that include seafood and ball shapes are on my favourites list. Actually, my favourite part is the ginger (can you buy a jar of that?).
 stuffff 031_副本
 The takoyaki pros, I wish I could’ve take a video of them. They were so fast at making them, and the entire booth smelled so good…
stuffff 018_副本
Dessert time! I’ve been hearing about this place from my friends, and now I get the hype. The toasted rice tasted like rice crispies, and the matcha was pretty good too (green ice cream flavours are my favourite).

 How cute are these?  Sadly, I didn’t buy any, because I used up all my money on food!

 The crepes looked so realistic, it bummed me out when nobody was actually selling crepes at this festival…


 There also was this adorable booth that sold handmade dessert plushies! I love the berry cake, I’m really regretting not buying it!

 I really want to start making plushies now! They’re so cute, and I can start decorating my room like a bakery (little dream of mine haha).
stuffff 023_副本 This was my favourite booth, it was HUGE! It was about three booths big, and filled with a lot of cheap Japanese stationary and home goods. Everything was around $1!

stuffff 027_副本

All these were like $1 or less! I still don’t regret spending all my money on food though (just a tiny bit maybe…).


Cosplay time! There were not a lot of cosplays this year due to the rain, but the ones that were there were so fun!stuffff 016_副本

I was just chilling out with my friends and up comes this magikarp. She was super cute, she kept muttering *splash* *splash*
stuffff 021_副本

My favourite! I think he was just promoting a Ramen booth, but he had a Hell of a lot of charisma!stuffff 022_副本

He gave my friends his chopstix and gave me the “click click” signal. He was the cutest guy haha!

stuffff 029_副本

A pretty Sailor Scout from the cotton candy booth! I love the signs, and not just because they let me know where the food was.
stuffff 030_副本

I asked them if I could buy the takoyaki stick, but I was shut down (;w;)

stuffff 032_副本

I also asked for this sign, but alas, I was again rejected…

stuffff 259_副本

I was sitting eating lunch when I saw a packet of Ramen from the other side of the pool. I stood up and ran towards him before he got away! Does that say “College Flavor”?

stuffff 033_副本

And here my friend, Gorillazstuck, as Kimiko from Xiaolin Showdown. Her wig was perfect~

Her girlfriend made a hard swerve right when I took this photo XD

stuffff 250_副本

And lastly, a beautiful Princess Serenity!
stuffff 252_副本

I asked her permission if I could take a couple close up shots of her bust (I didn’t want to be weird and just randomly take pictures of her boobs…)
stuffff 255_副本

The wings were my favourite! Overall, I think she did a great job!


I had the best time here, even though the weather made it near miserable haha. Please let me know if any of these cosplayers are you so I can credit accordingly. Hope you enjoyed reading about my weeby weekend, see you guys later!


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