Dessert at Nespresso Boutique

Me and misslillith headed to the NorthPark Center Mall while at Dallas Con! We never really been mall people, but we discovered the coolest ‘mainstream’ (it still has few locations, but owned by Nestle) coffee shop!
We ordered these super amazing cappuccino milkshakes and some macarons. The macarons were from a local Bisous Bisous though! I hope they start investing in their own pastries.

The cappuccino milkshake was fantastic though!
Miss Lillith! The macarons were pretty good actually 🙂

Even the macaron matched my outfit haha~

Thanks for looking! I’f you’re ever at the North Park Mall in Dallas/F.T. Worth, you should check it out! The back area of the boutique is a shopping area for their Nespresso machines (I have one and it is FANTASTIC. No more Keurig for me!). It’s also completely self service. Just sit down and a waiter or waitress will get to you shortly, they’re very sweet! The sales people for the Nespresso are fairly pushy, but as a former sales person I very much appreciate their efforts.
~Lapin Chocolat

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