Bownuts Cafe Review

Hey everybody!
I just got in my Bownuts Cafe order!
Bownuts Cafe is a dessert inspired hair bow shop! Each bow is sold as singles and are made to order, the owner gives you the option of which side the clip opens, which is great if you decide to order two. 
Let’s get started!

Packaging + Shipping:

It came in this adorable pink box that is reminiscent of stereotypical donut boxes! They take about a week or so to make (drying process of the sweets designs), and she ships them out almost immediately! I am located within the US and upgraded to Priority Mail so they arrived within 2 days (they would have arivedwithin 3-5 days without the upgrade, so it is still quick with or without!)
I love packages with extra goodies included! The bows themselves traveled well, so there wasn’t any extra cushion included, or needed!
Besides the hair bows, it also came with a package of confetti that contained two Easter themed mini erasers, a lollipop, and their business card/tag!
Packaging Rating: 
Shipping Rating: 


The bow themselves are made of a thick, cotton fabric, possibly muslin. The deco paint is very thick, and is well glossed. No cracking, bubbling or noticable lumps!  The little graham crackers were also very well made. They stick well to the paint, and I don’t think they’ll be coming off anytime soon! 
Here is the stock photo of their clips. They’re smooth, so I will probably replacing them with alligator clips for better grip.. The clip they use are just fine, but since I wear wigs often, I need clips that have a stronger grip.


They work perfectly on buns! The bow size is 3.5″w x 2.5″h, so they’re perfect for clip in bun and hair falls. 
See what I mean?  I really recommend buying in pairs, these will compliment a lot of different bun and pig tail styles. With the current clips, they slide and grip in perfectly wig cap and the buns. But I still do recommend possibly replacing them with alligator clips. With the current clips, the hair bows wiggle and slide around just a tiny bit. but not enough for it lower the quality/
Overall Rating: 
I’m having the best time creating different hair styles and hair accessory combos! I’ll definitely come back and buy other designs. I’m going to try and get a pair to match every single one of my coords. They’ll be the perfect start for my “food kei” venture!




~Lapin Chocolat

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