Bling Up Review: Nail Art

Hey everyone!
Today, I’m reviewing a pair of donut themed deco nails from a wonderful decoden company that I met through a few Texas based convention, Bling Up! They specialize in handmade nail art, but they also do jewelry and decoden accessories (they can deco almost anything!). Along with the main artist of Bling Up, they also work with several artists in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) or Korea. Each artist has her own specialty! So the rhinestone types we only commission rhinestone type of nail art, gel nails go to the gel artist, powder with the 3D art goes to the girl who does the best powder work and so on and so forth. This means you know you get the best of the best artist for each type of nail art!  The girls love working with them as they give them the freedom to create their own work instead of being told what to do literally step by step by their offices/salons. Unlike other decoden companies who are factory made, all their nail art and cabochons are 100% handmade!
Now let’s get on to the review~


Absolutely adorable! The packaging box is personalized to the company. unlike other companies who don’t take the time.

With the nails, it also came with nail glue, nail stickers, and a nail file! It’s very convenient since you can immediately try on The nail stickers can be very useful, I highly recommend them~



I’ve worn many fake nails over the years, and I have to say that these are one of my favourites! The nails are a lot thicker compared to others, and the 3D art are very well crafted~
One thing I noticed is that the handmade 3D art is sealed with the nail with a clear some type of clear gloss that adds an extra layer of protection to the nails! I’ve been wearing the nails around the house they hold up very well. None of the gemstones or art have fallen off. 
Some nails I tried peel from the inside when you remove them after wearing them with nail glue or nail stickers, but these nails kept their quality and thickness even after! It’s completely re-wearable and will last a long time with care~



Bling-Up does custom orders as well! I’m usually very particular with my nail art, but I very much enjoy how these are designed! If you check their website, BlingUp.Net, you can see that they have a wide array of different designs! From elegant wedding nails to very over the top rhinestone designs, there’s a design for all styles! But they also do custom designs if you really want something unique to you~



A great thing about Bling Up nails is that they come in 2 basic sizes (Med, and Large) and you can request a custom size! This is their medium size (I also ordered custom sized ones from them as well, they fit perfectly!). Even though these do not fit custom to my own nail size, they still fit comfortably! My only problem with them is that they don’t curve to my cuticle so part of my nail shows, but that shouldn’t be a problem for everyone~
Overall Rating:
I absolutely adore these nails! The company and staff are also very nice and communicate with their customers fast and in a friendly mannor. My favourite attribute about this company is how original their designs are, from their decoden to even their booths (you guys HAVE to see them at a convention sometime! They cover everything with adorable handmade decoden, it makes you feel like you’re in a tea party!). I’m sure Bling Up will leave a positive impression, 10/10 would recommend~

~Lapin Chocolat

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