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Hey everyone! After a lengthy hiatus, let’s welcome a long awaited interview with KW Apothecary! I met the beautiful Kelly, owner and creationist behind KW Apothecary,  at the very first Houston, TX – International Sailor Moon Day as one of our vendors. She made special Sailor Moon themed scents that I absolutely adored. Enough about that, let’s get to know Kelly!


Me: Who are you and what do you do?
Kelly: We’re KW Apothecary, a husband and wife team, our names are Kelly and Will, and we make health and beauty products, currently our first product is perfumes!
Kelly at the first Houston, TX - International Sailor Moon Day.
Kelly at the first Houston, TX – International Sailor Moon Day.
Me: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
Kelly: A real life situation that inspired us actually came from me (Kelly). I had a dream one night that I had just successfully made something that smelled like the essence of a rose and in the dream I thought it should be a Sailor Moon perfume. When I awoke I swore I could still smell the roses and was inspired to try and create my dream smell. I had never before been interested in making my own perfumes, even though I do love it, and had no idea what I was doing or if I could really make it, but I was determined to try! The end result in my experimenting is our Prince of Roses gender neutral perfume, which smells more like rose than an actual rose at times!
Prince of Roses
Prince of Roses – A very romantic, yet unisex scent. Contains rose, oak moss, sandalwood, and bergamot essences that creates a floral yes woodsy fragrance.
Me: Would you consider yourself a full-time artist (if you do consider yourself that)? What are the joys and struggles that you have experienced in choosing that career?
Kelly: I would consider Will and myself as full time artists and full time career people. Will is a graphic Designer for DG Studios, takes on many free lance projects, is working on his own comic book series, as well as working with KW Apothecary. As for me, Kelly, I actually work at a Preschool, I do tons of art projects and commissions, and am currently half way done with finishing my first children’s book that I have both written and illustrated, as well as experimenting with health and beauty products with KW Apothecary.
Me: What’s your favourite product that you’ve created so far?
Kelly: Will’s favorite product at the moment is one we just finished called Highlander which is a men’s cologne. I suppose for me Princess of the Moon is my favorite because it is a soft light scent that is very relaxing, but I’m always changing my mind as I create more perfumes!
Princess of The Moon – A very feminine and floral perfume. Contains honeysuckle, lotus, jasmine, bergamot, vanilla and lavender oils. Absolutely adore the bottle design!
Me: What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Kelly: A memorable feedback to our work thus far(we’ve only been to one event) was when this very adorable Sailor Moon cosplayer came up to our booth and was completely spot on in character and flipped out over each smell she tried. It was so inspiring and adorable! Her Mother was dressed as Queen Beryl which made the duo even more epic, they ended up purchasing the Little Princess Fragrance that smells like cookies :3
Little Princess – A very sweet and dessert-like scent. Contains vanilla, almond, bergamot, rose and honeysuckle essences. Hands down my favourite!
Me: What do you dislike about your work?
Kelly: Something that we dislike is the longevity of the fragrance which we’re currently working on. At our first event we had our prototypes out which we were curious to see if there would be any interest in products like these. It ended up being a very successful event, we even sold out of our Princess of the Moon. So now we have been working on making the fragrance last even longer than our prototypes did. So far our new Highlander and Gothic Lolita scents have proven successful! We can’t wait to debut our new stronger scents at our next event, as well as some new ones!
Me: What was the artistic process in creating the final product we see?
Kelly: I’m not sure what Will’s creative process is, but for me, I start by getting super pumped and obsessive over the scent I’m about to work on. For example, I’m currently working on a Dragon Ball Z inspired women’s and men’s scent, what I first do is I watch an obscene amount of dbz, start thinking about what these sweaty men and women could possibly smell like, start constructing ideas for the overall look of the product, start daydreaming about possible cosplay ideas as well haha, then I just start experimenting with different oils. It’s a very fun process that allows me to use a lot of different creative outlets.
Me: Why art?

Kelly:  As for why art, well art has been apart of my life since I was very young. It’s not really choice, I have to create. If I don’t I become very grumpy and lethargic, its part of my being and a way of life.
Art is part of who I am, I didn’t choose it. I think Will is the same way.


I’m so excited to try out their other products! I bough the entire Princess of The Moon series at ISMD (should I do a review?) and they were way better than expected. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with their future products, have a great day guys!

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