10 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Dessert Lovers

10 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Dessert Lovers
My first 10 of the week post! Valentine’s Day is next week, have you gotten your significant other something yet? Here are 10 adorable food themed jewelry for anybody who loves desserts as much as I do! Get them while they’re in the Valentine’s Day season! I made sure to keep things handmade, always try and support small business ok?
Adorable pink macaron heart! It’s simple, cute, and definitely something your special sweets loving person.

It has multiple flavours, which one is your favourite?

I love the colors (funny enough though I don’t like raspberries)! The ring is also adjustable to fit a wide array of sizes,
Recommended for anyone who loves to bake!

Subtle and simple, but still cutely delicious. Plus, it’s also great to wear even after Valentine’s Day!

Comes with a precious Eiffel Tower charm!

Very unique style of earrings, plus they’re on sale!
I love the ribbon and the ruffles! It really adds that extra romantic touch.

I usually don’t like tarts, but I love this ring! Even has a touch of powdered sugar.

Last but not least, couple/best friend necklaces! This is my favourite from this entire list because it”s basically a gift for two people haha~
Thanks for reading ya’ll! I hope I cane help make your special someone(s) happy this Valentine’s Day. Good luck 😉
~Lapin Chocolat

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