10 Cute Sunglasses for Lolita Fashion

Okay yeah it’s not technically the morning for me, but it is somewhere! Anyways, since summer is coming up, I’ve been thinking of some great summer accessories to go with my coords! Texas is incredibly sunny, so sunglasses are always a necessity, especially on the road. Here are my top 10 favourite picks, enjoy! I tried to choose the one with the most balanced designs!
How pretty are these? I love the gold tinted pearls on the ivory frames. This also comes in black with white pearls!
They come in a couple other colour combinations! I love the black pair, imagine how they’d look in a gothic lolita coordinate?
I’ve never been a fan of heart shaped because of the Nobakov stigma, but I LOVE how these are designed. After seeing all these ZeroUV lenses, you guys should definitely check the website for more!
The pastel flowers give a delicate design to these butterfly shaped frames! All the flowers are handcrafted and hand-applied, I love how much D&G puts into their craft!
Marie Antoinette would just love these don’t you think? Reminiscent of the D&G frames, but with a more over the top touch!
Very reminiscent of old Hollywood! The gold roses add the perfect glamorous touch to them, I’d love to see these in a classic lolita coordinate.
I found these designs very interesting! The melting design mixed with the blue roses feels deliciously decadent!
Vintage and glamour meet! I love the jewel toned silk roses.
I love how the crystals on the top look like drooping bows! Affixed with Navette crystals, Rivoli crystals, and Preciosa rhinestones.
One of the few sweet sunglasses that I felt really had a well finished design! I personally own these, and they’re my absolute favourite pair of sunglasses.
Thanks for reading! I hope I managed to help you find a pair you liked! Have a great summer guys, stay cool~
~Lapin Chocolat

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