10 Cute Doughnut Themed Clothing and Accessories

10 Cute Doughnut Themed Clothing and Accessories 
This 10 of  the week’s theme is Doughnuts! I love that doughnuts are a thing in street fashion! They’re one of my favourite motifs, here are 10 of my favourite doughnut items on the internet! Hope you can make fantastic doughnut outfits.
Isn’t it cute? I actually own this one myself and coord a lot of doughnut outfits with it.
Here is one of my doughnut outfits using that Tokidoki Headband
They actually have a big line of doughnut accessories which include ear studs, collar tips, bracelets and a non-bitten necklace. Also comes in different “flavours”.
Isn’ it cute? I’m a big fan of skater dresses because of how flattering they are! This dress is currently on sale at Asos.


You can custom order initials! I prefer just “donut”, but I will definitely buy again for my own custom initials!
They look so polished and professional! Also very petite and adorable, great for a small statement piece!
This is one of my favourite from this list, I just wish there were longer winters here in Houston! The crochet pattern for this is also floating around Etsy if you feel like making it yourself!
New Look always have a great selection of quirky clutches, I wish they had a US branch so I can save on shipping (luckily my boyfriend is in the UK hehe).
This brand always have the funniest socks! Quirky socks are the best haha.


Sheena has adorable food accessories, check her out ok? This doughnut clip is on my wishlist!
Last but not least, this adorable Donut Bag! It’s very roomy and very versatile. This will be an amazing statement piece!
Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see these guys in action, I hope I find some really good doughnut outfits~
~Lapin Chocolat


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